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Bar Snacks

101. Grilled bacon wrapped chicken livers with homemade tomato chutney 175฿
102. Cheese & bacon potato skins served in the pan with sour cream 175฿
103. Hemingway’s Wings 8 pieces with blue cheese, Louisiana hot sauce & celery sticks 190฿
104. Loaded nachos topped with chili con carne, jalapenos, green peppers, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and
melted cheese
105. Firecracker shrimps -spicy marinated shrimps in crispy wanton pastry with a chili dip 210฿
106. Mixed olives -roasted cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese & grilled herb bread 175฿
107. Warm salted cashew nuts 130฿
108. Fried onion rings with a warm cheese & beer dip 130฿
109. Vegetable samosas with a tomato kusandi dip 150฿
110. Onion bahjis with a yoghurt mint dip 160฿
111. 3 Chicken tandoori skewers with a mint & coriander dip 180฿
112. Bombay potatoes, mildly spiced 120฿
113. Thick cut fries with cheese & chili 170฿
114. Garlic bread   65฿
115. Garlic bread & cheese   95฿


Served with a warm roll and butter

201. Chunky leek & potato  90​฿
202. French onion with grilled cheese 135​฿
203. Classic cream of tomato  90​฿
204. New​ ​England​ ​Clam​ ​Chowder​ 115฿
205. ​Split​ ​Pea​ ​&​ ​Ham 135฿


301. Philly Cheese SteakA char grilled sub filled with steak, onions, green peppers & cheese 185฿
302. Hemingways Lemon Chicken & Bacon ClubToasted farmhouse stacked with chicken, bacon,
lettuce, tomato chutney & mayo
303. Tuna & Cheddar MeltTuna & mayo on toasted ciabatta smothered with melted Cheddar cheese 150฿
304. Meatball KebabChar grilled lamb meatballs in pita bread with chopped salad & minted yoghurt 165฿
305. Whole Wheat Cheese & HamFresh whole wheat bread loaded with Cheddar cheese, ham & tomatoes 165฿
306. BBQ Pulled Pork -Tender strips of BBQ pulled pork served in a bun with lettuce & mayo 145฿

Baked potatoes

401. Steak shavings, vinegar, & blue cheese crumbles 180฿​
402. House made chili con carne & sour cream 165฿
403. Baked beans & cheddar cheese 130​฿
404. Tuna & sweet corn mayo 165฿
405. ​BBQ​ ​pulled​ ​pork​ ​&​ ​sour​ ​cream​ ​140​฿
406. Carrot​ ​apple​ ​&​ ​red​ ​cabbage​ ​slaw​ 130฿


501. Waldorf​ ​Salad​ -Apple slices, sliced almonds, sliced grapes, mango cubes, sliced celery sticks,
tossed through mayonnaise then placed over a bed of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce.
502. Greek​ ​Salad​ ​-Sliced onions, whole black olives, sliced cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, green
and yellow bell peppers, on a bed of iceberg lettuce, tossed through light
balsamic vinegar.
503. Hemingway’s Caesar topped with grilled chicken or garlic prawns 240฿


P1. Margherita- tomato sauce mozzarella basil & olive oil 180​฿
P2. Hawaii​ -tomato sauce mozzarella ham & pineapple 220฿
P3. Meat​ ​feast​ ​-tomato sauce mozzarella chili beef chorizo sausage ham & pepperoni 250​฿
P4. Pepperoni​ – tomato sauce mozzarella & pepperoni 210฿
P5. Three​ ​cheese​ ​&​ ​spinach​ tomato sauce three cheeses spinach & oregano 230฿​
P6. Vegetarian​ ​-tomato sauce mozzarella mushrooms onion peppers corn & baby tomatoes 205​฿

Main Meals

601. Beer battered cod & chips with peas or mushy peas, tartare sauce, lime wedge & bread and butter 325฿​
602. Bangers & mashCumberland sausages on a pea & potato mash with fried onions & red wine gravy 275​฿
603. Steak mushroom & ale pieserved with chips or mash, buttered peas & gravy 295​฿
604. Crispy skin half a roast chickenbacon & thyme stuffing, fresh vegetables, roast potatoes & gravy 275​฿
605. Chili con carneslow cooked with smoked chilies and beans served with steamed rice 220​฿
606. Spaghetti Bologneseserved with grilled herb bread & fresh grated Parmesan 245฿​
607. 5 Hour Braised lamb shankwith carrots baby onions mushrooms & potatoes in a rosemary gravy 425฿​
608. ​Sweet​ ​&​ ​Sour​ ​Ruby​ ​Fish​- whole ruby fish fried and loaded with sweet & sour sauce 350฿​
609. Chicken​ ​Parmigiana​-crumbed chicken breast with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese served on
tagliatelle with a side salad
610. Grilled​ ​liver​ ​&​ ​bacon​ ​with mashed potatoes, peas & onion gravy 265฿
611. Chicken​ ​Tikka​ ​Masala​ ​with rice and a plain naan bread 250฿
612. Chicken​ ​Piri​ ​Piri​ ​- marinated and grilled with our spicy homemade Piri Piri sauce and served
with rustic fries & a rocket salad

Char grills

612. Sweet & sticky rack of barbeque pork ribswith a baked potato, smoky baked beans, onion rings, & apple carrot & red cabbage slaw 325฿
613. Cajun rubbed pork chopwith char grilled vegetables, saute potatoes & gravy 375​฿
614. Australian Ribeye Steak 250grServed with steak fries, garden peas, onion rings, salad and a choice of peppercorn, red wine, or mushroom sauce 495​฿
615. Australian Sirloin Steak 250grServed with steak fries, garden peas, onion rings, salad and a choice of peppercorn, red wine, or mushroom sauce 495​฿

Kids Menu

K1. Fish fingers chips & beans 160​฿
K2. Kids size pizza…tomato sauce mozzarella & ham 125​฿
K3. Chicken nuggets & chips 120​฿
K4. Sausage chips & beans 130฿​
K5. Mini burger & chips 135฿​


801. Chocolate brownie hot chocolate sauce & ice cream          135​฿
802. Hot apple crumble with cream, ice cream or custard          150฿
803. Banana split          125​฿
804. Greek yoghurt & chilled strawberry compote          150​฿
805. Selection of ice cream 30​฿ per scoop
806. Selection of Gelato ice cream 50฿ ​ per scoop


901. Onion rings  70฿​
902. Garden salad  75฿
903. Carrot apple & red cabbage coleslaw  75​฿
904. French fries  65฿
905. Crispy wedges  65​฿
906. Garlic bread  95​฿
907. Garlic bread & cheese 135​฿


   B1. Large Breakfast2 eggs (Any style), 2 bacon, cumberland sausage, beans, grilled tomato, fried potatoes, mushrooms ,black pudding, toast & marmalade, plus one tea or coffee ​220฿
   B2. Small Breakfast1 egg, 1 bacon, cumberland sausage, beans, fried potatoes, toast & marmalade, tea or coffee 165฿​
   B3. Breakfast omelet & fried potatoesfilled with ham, bacon, cheese, peppers onions & mushrooms 130฿​
   B4. 2 eggs any style on 2 toast  85​฿
   B5. Baked beans on 2 toast 105​฿
   B6. Bacon or sausage sandwich 135฿
   B7 Bowl of fresh fruit with yoghurt & honey 150​฿
   B9. Fruit & nut muesli with cold milk & honey 150​฿
extras: egg  20​฿
bacon rasher  30​฿
sausage  30​฿
fried potatoes  25​฿
baked beans  30​฿
grilled tomato  20​฿
fried slice  25฿​
slice of toast & butter  25​฿

Thai Food Menu


T1. Chicken satay skewers
with a mild spicy peanut sauce
T2. Deep fried prawn cakes
with a sweet plum dipping sauce
T3. Strips of sun dried pork & a chili sauce
T4. Deep fried pork meatballs
seasoned with coriander & mint
T5. Vegetable spring rolls
with a sweet plum dipping sauce
T6. Prawn & vegetable tempura
with soy sauce & mild chili dips
กุ้ง ชุบแป้งทอด

Thai Salads

T7. Grilled pork neck salad
with Thai vegetables flavoured with lime juice, fish sauce & chili
T8. Warm Thai noodle salad​
with ground pork, prawns or seafood
ยาํ วุน้ เสน้ *​ทะเล-กุ้ง-หมู*
T9. Prawn salad
with lemongrass, red onion, mint & chili paste
พล่า กุ้ง
T10 Fresh raw prawns
on Thai shredded cabbage & hot chili sauce
T11. Thai squid salad mixed
with onions, mint, coriander, lemon juice & fish sauce

Deep Fried and Stir Fried Dishes

T12. Deep fried fish filletswith green peppercorns, chili, garlic, oyster sauce & hot basil
T13. Whole Ruby fish fried crispywith sweet chili sauce
T14. Fried squid with garlic & black pepper
T15. Stir fried chicken, pork, or fish filletand fresh ginger
*ไก่-หมู-ปลา* ผัดขิง
T16. Stir fried chicken, pork, or fish filletand cashew nuts
*ไก่-หมู-ปลา* ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง
T17. Stir fried beef & peppersin oyster sauce
T18. Sweet and sour chicken, pork or fish
ผัดเปร้ียวหวาน *ไก่-หมู-ปลา*
T19. Stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce
T20. Pad Kapowstir fried with mushrooms, chili & Thai basil
ผัดกระเพรา *ไก่-หมู-เนื้อ-ทะเล*
Pad Kapow Chicken 120​฿
Pad Kapow Pork 170​฿
Pad Kapow Beef 180​฿
Pad Kapow Seafood 180฿
All of the above Thai dishes are served with steamed rice

Curry and Soup Dishes

T21. Red curry with chickenserved in a fresh coconut shell
T22. Grilled duck currywith eggplant, pineapple, grapes & coconut milk
T23. Spicy jungle curry
แกงป่า *ไก่-หมู-เนื้อ-ทะเล
with chicken 140฿
with pork 170฿
with beef 180฿
with seafood 180฿
T24. Tom Yum…Classic Thai spicy soup(with or without coconut milk)
ต้มยาํ *ไก่-หมู-กุ้ง-ทะเล*
with chicken 140​฿
with pork 170฿
with seafood 180฿
T25. Clear soup with minced porknoodles, tofu & Thai vegetables
T26. Chicken Massamanmild curry made with potatoes, onions, peanuts & mild spices
T27. Penang curry
แกงแผนง *ไก่-หมู-เนื้อ-ทะเล*
cooked with coconut & chili paste with chicken 140฿
cooked with coconut & chili paste with pork 170฿
cooked with coconut & chili paste beef 180฿
cooked with coconut & chili paste prawns 180฿
All of the above Thai dishes are served with steamed rice

Noodles and Rice

T28. Fried rice with chicken, pork or prawns
ข้าวผัด *ไก่-หมู-กุ้ง-ทะเล*
T29. Steamed rice
T30. Brown rice
T31. Fried rice with egg
T32. Stir fried noodleswith vegetables egg, black bean & soy sauce
ผัดซีอิ๊ว *ไก่-หมู-ทะเล*
with chicken 140​฿
with pork 170​฿
seafood 180​฿
T33. Rad Na Big noodles stir fried with vegetables, soy & oyster sauce
T34. Pad Thai Small noodles stir fried with prawns, bean sprouts & sweet chili sauce


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